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About Us

We are Reren D.C

Our aim is to provide healthy, authentic Asian dishes using locally sourced produce with no extra additives such as MSG and artificial flavorings. We stress the importance of quality homemade food because after all, homemade food tastes the best. Therefore, many of our products from our noodles to are dumplings are made right here inside the restaurant. The cuisine of Asia is rich in diversity so we took culinary influences from Thailand, Japan and all parts of China to craft our dishes, which are aimed to cater to multiple palates. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.


Highlighted Ingredients

Lamen (拉麵)

Lamen has an over 4,000-year- old history in China. In fact, these noodles are some of the oldest in the world and are precursors to the Japanese Ramen noodles. Our lamen at Reren’s carries on this legacy and is made daily with high-gluten whole-wheat flour to produce chewy, flavor-soaking noodles.



Sichuan Spiced Oil (麻辣油)

Our chili peppers and peppercorns, are imported directly from Sichuan Province in China, the undisputed capital of spicy food in China. These spices are then infused in soybean oil according to the secret recipe of our head chef, who has over two decades of experience. The resulting product is a delicate oil with a strong kick to please the most avid lovers of spicy food.

Broth (湯)

Our broth is made from simmering down the meat and bones of beef and pork thighs for over two days. As a result, the vitamins and minerals inherent in the meat and bones are all extracted into the broth thus delivering a savory, rich and healthy base for our noodles.



Tea Egg (茶葉蛋)

Tea eggs are soft-boiled eggs with a delicate yolk which are then marinated in a combination of soy sauce, spices and Chinese teas. The end product is a tender egg carrying hints of Asian tea flavors.

Dumplings (蒸餃)

Using the high quality flour, we create the the wrappers for our homemade dumplings. Here at Reren’s we offer two types of fillings, pork and white fish. Both of these fillings are made with a combination of meat, ginger, scallion as well as broth to deliver a compact juicy bundle. We then steam these dumplings as opposed to frying them to insure that we have a fragrant and healthy dish for our customers to enjoy.